Ladies and Gentlemen (small drumroll): If you haven’t yet decided to buy, please do – you won’t be disappointed. If you have ordered and are nervously awaiting its arrival, believe me the wait will be worthwhile. I haven’t been as delighted with a new uke CD since Soybean Sawyer’s magnum opus way back when. They always say that siblings produce uncanny collaborations together (the Boswell Sisters, the Andrews Sisters, the Everlies, etc.) – how much more so when you’re accompanying yourself? Gerald, clearly expert in all his chosen instruments for this disc, effortlessly gets around the potential problems of overtracking yourself: he doesn’t sound laboured and metronomic; rather spontaneous and in a definite groove. The choice of tracks is pretty much without fault – Tin Pan Alley, Island, Modern and Standards alongside some self-penned crackers – and the whole production is a delight from beginning to end. Even the cover graphics had me smiling. Many of us will have heard tasters for this album online – they set a pretty high standard, which the rest of the tracks match effortlessly. Alongside the earlier-mentioned Mr Sawyer, it’s great to see and hear top quality musicianship coming to the ukulele again. I bet Lyle Ritz would like this (praise enough!), and cannot recommend this disc highly enough for those looking for a soundtrack to the Summer. Top marks, Mr Ross – I look forward to your next waxing! Many thanks.