Gerald is truly one of the greatest multi-instrumental musicians in the Midwest. His repertoire includes Hawaiian steel guitar, ukulele, guitar and bass, and many more instruments. You would be hard pressed to find a musician with the breadth and depth of musical knowledge that Gerald possesses. His three CDs cover blues, swing, Beatles, Hawaiian, Tahitian, Latin, Italian, Aboriginal, and original instrumental arrangements and compositions. He has been featured on Bosko and Honey’s Ukulele Safari, and has been a guest numerous times on the “Prairie Home Companion” with Garrison Keillor. When Gerald goes to a ukulele festival, and the Windy City Ukulele Festival was no exception, everyone wants to jam with him. He always gets more stage time than everyone else. That’s because of his expertise on all of the instruments he plays and his ability to adapt to most any musical style. His warm personal demeanor, friendly smile, and intricate melodies always seem to mesmerize the crowd. Gerald Ross is the cream-of-crop of professional musicians, and continues to leave his audiences happy and wanting more.

Terry Truhart
Co-Organizer of the Windy City UkeFest
“The Best Ukulele Experience in the Midwest”