All tunes are very well arranged and the playing is magnificent throughout, listening to the CD is a pleasant and most enjoyable experience… keeps swinging through all 16 tracks, highly recommended!

Reviewer: Jørgen Larsen
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Gerald always performs brilliantly and his timing can’t be beat. He puts a lot into his production quality and you can hear it in everything he produces. This is one great collection and I’ll be listening to it frequently. I do have to say that once my wife gets her hands on this CD, it will be a while before I see it again. If you love swing, and I most certainly do, this CD is a must for your collection.

Mickey Maguire
Ukulele Player Magazine

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What impresses me about Mr. Ross is that the instrument he is playing is irrelevant, although I am in love with the uke and the things it can do. The music is in this man and will come out regardless of the medium used. It just so happens the tool he is using is the ukulele. If you are interested in taking your playing to the next level, then this CD is must have to your collection. One can only hope that Mr. Ross will be contacted by Homespun or Guitar Workshop to make a teaching DVD, which I would purchase in a second!

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